Marie Lafranque

Becoming a mother changed not only my personal life, but my life as a photographer. Once initiated to the wonders of childhood, I couldn't get enough of it... I began taking photo after photo with my old, little, half broken, phone... my friends kept on telling me what a great eye I had... and the rest is history. I picked up a "real" camera, and haven't put it down since. I am a self taught artist in most art forms (my paintings had been in many a gallery before I became a mom) and this art form was not any different for me. That said, I spend hours constantly learning more about photography, both through mentorships and classes.

Now, 5 years in, photography has become my favorite art form. I love to create stunning portraits for your walls. I work with each client individually to hone in on what your dream photo session will be and make is a reality. From fanciful mermaids, to sweet baby alpacas, I can create a beautiful world for you to get that magical photo you want for your family.

I also work really fast! This can be confusing to some families who come to me after having worked with photographers who made their children sit for hours in the same spot. I keep things moving, and I shoot very quickly while always keeping the quality exceptional. I don’t want your children to have a meltdown, or feel like taking photos is a chore. I want them happy and excited to capture some beautiful photos, and my testimonials speak for themselves.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

I shot with Marie for the first time with my daughter when she was just 9months old, for a Mother’s Day mini session. She went above and beyond that day from trekking to find the perfect field spot to setting up decor and offering adorable accessories for my little one.

Since our very first photography session I have always received amazing photos with easy access to images and beautiful editing.
Marie is my go to FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER. I have called on Her to photograph all the important events/holidays and even when I feel like doing something fun and creative she is always down to help my vision come to life and be captured forever.

Marie recently photographed my entire birth with our second baby and then 2weeks later did our Newborn shoot. For our newborn shoot she was phenomenal!! She brought the best props and came to our home and made the magic happen. Marie has such a creative eye and knows how to make the babies smile and relax. She’s also very kind and flexible,as she came back the next day to make sure we got some sleeping shots, as my little guy was not very sleepy the first day of shooting lol

The best thing about Marie is that I know I will always get images that I will love for a lifetime. She spends the perfect amount of time to capture the moment without it feeling too long. She’s so affordable and extremely professional and her exclusive Santa in the park Christmas shoots are the best experience ever!

My daughter is now 3years old and I just feel so blessed to have such a special photographer in our lives to help us capture those precious moments. I am grateful for Marie being in our lives and grateful for her friendship and talent.

You will be happy with the photos you create with Marie, I promise you that!
I am very impressed with the photos that Marie took of my son. She succeeded in capturing his personality and presence so beautifully that I feel his spirit coming through every time I look at the photos she took of him. The lighting and clarity of the pictures show a very high professional standard. I also appreciate the way she put both my son and I at ease, making the whole process natural and relaxed.