Marie Lafranque

Becoming a mother changed not only my personal life, but my life as a photographer. Once initiated to the wonders of childhood, I couldn't get enough of it... I began taking photo after photo with my old, little, half broken, phone... my friends kept on telling me what a great eye I had... and the rest is history. I picked up a "real" camera, and haven't put it down since. I am a self taught artist in most art forms (my paintings had been in many a gallery before I became a mom) and this art form was not any different for me. What I love about photography is that just as with any other art, you can keep on learning all through the years... the work is never done!

I also love the fact that I can keep up with the families I take photos of and adjust my art to fit their children as they grow older.

I am what I would call an "organic" photographer. I am the happiest when invited into a child's universe. Whether they are playing in the mud, blowing bubbles or messing up the kitchen I truly think that capturing those messy faces or muddy knees are an integral part of being a family photographer! This applies to adults as well... I want to become a part of your world and really get a picture of who YOU are, what you love and how beautiful you look to everyone around you. 

As a portrait and lifestyle photographer I bring fresh ideas and a love of every person. I want to make you look your best and will strive to give you that perfect photo that will make you realize just how amazing you are.

As a birth photographer, I have the experience of having been a Doula before becoming a photographer, and as such bring a quietness to the birth that some other photographers might not. I also never shoot with flash during births, which sometimes lead to fun grainy vintage-y images. Iā€™d rather work in post editing rather than disturb the flow or a woman in her element, giving birth. I will listen to you and your needs throughout your birth and shoot you and your family as unobtrusively as possible.